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Ok, so I’ve had this idea stored for quite a while, and a few months ago I decided to start acting on it.

I don’t know where it will lead to but for sure it’s an on going project.

One day, about two years ago, I was driving back home and looked at a facade which had the air condition conduits passing from the roof to a room on the front of the house and it kind of struck me; it really looks like a huge centipede on the facade (don’t worry I was sober! Just my mind doing tricks on me). Than I kept thinking about it, and started noticing all the facades; clean ones, ones with a lot of pipes, some conduits painted same as facade as if to camouflage them, and all other kinds!
Being an interior designer, I saw the technical side of it. All of this is happening as a result of lack in planning- design, together with technology advancements, fast actions without any thinking… This started happening not long time ago, maybe a couple of decades ago? Just a few hundreds ago there was the introduction of electric wires, which also lack planning and incorrect/quick decisions… but these air conditioning pipes are really an eyesore! If one is observant enough, well designed buildings conceal these cleverly, through internal shafts, and gypsum…

So here’s my first photograph and hence the name FACADEPEDES!

This will surely elaborate from here… and as an introduction… the camouflage facadepede!