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Ok, so I’ve had this idea stored for quite a while, and a few months ago I decided to start acting on it.

I don’t know where it will lead to but for sure it’s an on going project.

One day, about two years ago, I was driving back home and looked at a facade which had the air condition conduits passing from the roof to a room on the front of the house and it kind of struck me; it really looks like a huge centipede on the facade (don’t worry I was sober! Just my mind doing tricks on me). Than I kept thinking about it, and started noticing all the facades; clean ones, ones with a lot of pipes, some conduits painted same as facade as if to camouflage them, and all other kinds!
Being an interior designer, I saw the technical side of it. All of this is happening as a result of lack in planning- design, together with technology advancements, fast actions without any thinking… This started happening not long time ago, maybe a couple of decades ago? Just a few hundreds ago there was the introduction of electric wires, which also lack planning and incorrect/quick decisions… but these air conditioning pipes are really an eyesore! If one is observant enough, well designed buildings conceal these cleverly, through internal shafts, and gypsum…

So here’s my first photograph and hence the name FACADEPEDES!

This will surely elaborate from here… and as an introduction… the camouflage facadepede!

Cut + Fold – handmade greeting cards

Cut + Fold is my hobby name for creating personalised greeting cards with a difference. All hand made – and usually I create a custom 3d pop up effect.

Greeting Card – external
Inside of pop up card
Cupcake – candy Pop Up
Christmas theme in Danish
Inside Pop up Text

Experimenting with small beads

I always love to create things myself, especially when giving presents as I’m a firm believer that these should be meaningful.

Here’s a recent craft I did to give out as a present.

White canvas, letter cutout, glue and small beads.


Assisting students for Design Phase

I was invited by MCAST Students to spend an hour to help them tackle an outdoor layout. This was a very basic tutorial, how one will define a space, by the client requirements in order to create an outdoor living design layout. Main restrictions are always the amount of people who will be occupying the space vs how the actual items will be placed. Final result was of a BBQ area, dining zone and relaxation space next to the pool. I also noted to them the different line weights which should be used by different pens and how one can annotate so that both the designer and the client will understand the plan better.

Thanks goes to Michaela Gatt, Abigail Saliba and Nicholas Tabone for their video montage.
The original video was longer but I made it shorter due to uploads.

DIY: Chair Transformation

I love new products and innovation however I have a soft spot for things which are upcycled and given a new life.

I hate to see so many things trashed because they have a small part which is broken.

Why not fix it? I understand most of the cases it’s not even worth the hassle, however when it comes to furniture they can become a wonderful object with some TLC.

Here is my take on a chair my father found dumped. He fixed the leg and I decided to paint it and give it a new life.

Must say, one of the main inspirational source was my visit to the Greek islands of Santonirini and Mykonos!


The process is extremely simple! First sand it down using a sand paper, clean it off with spirit and start applying the base coat.

Found this particular one which you can apply directly to wood or laminate.


Once all of it is applied evenly with a brush let it dry as instructed by the product you will be using.


Choose the colour of your liking and apply after the base coat is dry.
In this case 2 coats were applied to get a more solid colour finish and this is the result!



Hope that this inspires you to be creative with something you have or you might find and turn it into a lovable piece.

Feel free to share any transformations you might have done or will be doing 🙂
If you need any help, let’s get in touch!